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Meet the team - our office rats:


Web Developer

Java, Php, MySql, Javascript


Systems Developer

Java, Php, MySql, .net, Javascript, Esql, Perl, bash, C, C++, Assembler, python, Powershell


Systems Engineer

VmWare, Citrix, AWS, Linux, AIX, HpUx, DecOs, Windows, Dos

rrd, nagios, cacti, nfsen, centreon, nagvis, zenoss


Hardware Engineer

PicMicro, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Metal Fabrication, Wood Fabrication

Our Work

We create systems that make your life easier.

k9entries logo


Competition Entry System

Primarily used for dog competitions

Manages entry and payments

Manages scoring and results

k9membership logo


Club Membership System

Primarily used by dog clubs

Manages members and their animals

Looks after payments and payment reminders

Looks after course bookings and payments

k9analytics logo


Data Analysis and Reporting System

Manages the capture and reporting of data

You measure, we store and report

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